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Alimony and Child Support

When a couple divorces, one spouse may often be awarded Alimony or Spousal Support depending on the specific circumstances. While there is no clear-cut formula for assigning such support, the goal is to ensure both spouses are able to maintain a reasonable standard of living, even if one requires financial assistance to do so. Robert Wilkinson understands that there are many factors affecting how and when the court awards spousal support. He can assist you in determining which of these factors apply to your situation and in best presenting your needs to the court.

Alimony may be awarded to a spouse who hasn't worked, or who earns less than the other spouse, to a spouse who may need to return to school or complete a college degree, or to a spouse who received less property than the other in the divorce settlement. The length of the marriage may also affect spousal support, as well as how much each partner contributed to the marriage among other things. Thankfully, Mr. Wilkinson can help you navigate the muddy waters of alimony and spousal support, and can help you receive the compensation you're due based on your individual lifestyle and circumstances.


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